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Cuddle Chair with a Twist – The Swivel & The Round Cuddle Chair

Posted June 4th, 2012 in Uncategorized by admin

Let’s talk real quick about some of the various types of cuddle chairs available. The two most popular choices are the swivel and the round cuddle chair.

The Swivel Cuddle Chair

A “swivel” cuddle chair refers to a cuddle chair that can rotate around to face different directions. Usually the swivel allows for a full 360 degree rotation, but this can vary by manufacturer.

This is one of those features that helps make the cuddle chair so versatile. For example that same chair that adds critical seating in the living room is simply a swivel away from facing the bay window to give you the perfect backdrop for an afternoon read as you put your feet up.

Based on your own interior arrangement at home think of some creative applications of how this can help you get the most out of your living space.

The Round Cuddle Chair

A “round” cuddle chair refers to a cuddle chair that has a round shape (when viewed from the top). One of the more well known examples of this is the simply designed Griffith Cuddle Chair.

The round cuddle chair is popular both because of its good looking modern appeal, and because it’s functional. The rounded front makes it easy to sit on and easy to share.

These two features, rounded & swivel, tend to work nicely together, so you may consider a cuddle chair that has both.

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